Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Problems with DVDs

One thing I don't get is this thing with different regions, with USA and Canada being one DVD region and Europe another region. It really complicates things for us who travel across continents. And I guess it must be a huge limitation to people in the US who want to learn different languages. Watching a movie in its' original version made in the country where they speak that language is a great way to learn not just the language but also about the culture. If I would go to the USA on holiday I could not buy any DVDs because they would not work in my DVD player, since mine is made in Europe or Africa. And if an American go on holiday in Europe he/she could not buy andy DVDs to take back home either. I just don't get the use of different codings. Sorry, could someone explain that to me?

Anyway, there are ways to get rid of that problem. I think it's legal in the US, at least that's what it says at It's a program that will give you a code to unlock your DVD player so you can play DVDs from no matter what country. In my opinion, that's the way it should be, because after all, we all like to travel, right? And we all like watching movies, right? Just because you can buy and watch movies from any country on the planet doesn't make you a pirate, right? You can actually buy real licensed movies in just about every country, there's no need to buy pirate movies. Besides, people who do that probably get their DVD player illegally chipped anyway, so they don't really care.

Could anyone please explain the need of different regions? I just don't get it....