Sunday, 13 January 2008

I'm drowning....

One of the downsides with studying for exams is that the housework gets left out. There's no time/energy to keep the house nice and tidy and I have to admit that I really, really have let everything go this time. :-(

According to the weather forecast for tomorrow it's going to rain a lot in Ceuta and that means that it's probably raining here as well. Rain = no laundry. The clothes won't dry and will end up smelling funny so I pass. That means I will still be drowned in dirty laundry but will have the time to pick up the house a bit. First of all, I have to take care of the mountains of clean laundry I have in the living room and get everything in its' place. Then I'll vacuum every room, which will take me about one hour because there is stuff everywhere. How I hate this!!! I want to have a nice home and I want it NOW! *argggggh* I guess there's no one but me to blame so I just need to get going...

This is my TODO list for tomorrow:
- Put away clean laundry
- Put away my toys that have been lying on the living room table for the past two weeks waiting for my inspiration to come back
- Vacuum every room
- Clean the bathroom
- Work on my new Control Journal
- Prepare classes for next week
- Study Literature

It might not seem much, but it will take me several hours to get everything ok this time, because of the state of things. I'm sure I'll study a lot better in a home that's not looking like war zone.


Villager said...

Good luck on your exams. I'm confident you will do well...

peace, Villager