Monday, 7 January 2008

Coffee and more coffee

I'm not really a coffee drinking girl, but when I meet my friends I somehow end up drinking a lot of coffee. I don't know why. Maybe because they drink a lot of coffee or maybe because going to a café without having coffee seems like a silly thing to do. Anyway, I had a lot of coffee during Christmas.

I had this great day when I met several of my dearest friends. First I met one of my best friends for coffee and breakfast at 10 AM in a café. It was so good to meet her again! C and I have been friends for almost 15 years. We met at work, when we both worked as interpreters at a refugee camp in Stockholm. And we've been through a lot since than. She came to visit me here in Morocco last summer and it was so good to show her the place where I live and what my life here is like. Unfortunately we could only spend 2 hours together, because I had to meet another friend at noon.

With friend number 2 I went to the big craft store (see a previous post) and then we went to another café to meet with a whole bunch of friends. What amazes me most about this group of friends is that we all met on the internet a few years back and now they are like sisters to me. I feel really close to them and I don't know what I would do without them. Isn't it amazing that you can meet someone on the internet and when you finally meet IRL it's like you've been friends forever?

I had more coffee during those 11 days in Stockholm than I normally have in like 2 months here. Maybe that's why I could study so well at night? I guess I'll have to take up the coffee drinking habit again. When I studied at the university in Spain I always had a coffee every morning and then several more each day. Maybe I don't need to drink that much coffee, since it's not good for the stomach, but at least a cup a day might help me keep my head clear. I think I'll go and buy some coffee tomorrow and try it out for a while.