Saturday, 8 December 2007

Oh no...

Now it's B:s turn to be sick. Is this never going to stop? Can I make it through without getting sick? What happens if I get sick too? No, that's not posible because if I do, who's going to look after us?

G has been sick on and off for over a week now. First he stayed home from school last Friday because he had fever and he was quite ill. Then on Saturday morning he was okey but Saturday night he had fever again. He was feeling really bad Sunday morning (so no church :-() and then on Sunday night he was okey. I wanted him to stay at home on Monday but he refused to, he had an exam and he wanted to do it. So I let him go to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. When I went to pick them up at school he had fever again and when we came home it was 39 degrees Celsius. :-( He has been in bed for the most part since then. Today he seems to be fine.

Last night B:s temperature started to rise and right now it's 38,5. He's in bed, but his brother doesn't let him rest. When G was sick, B spent most of the time in his room, playing and reading, but G just can't be alone. He has to stay close to his brother all the time, so when B:s sick he doesn't get the rest he deserves unless I spend a lot of time entertaining G. I hope B will be fine in a few days time and that I can resist the virus, because there's no way I can be sick right now.