Wednesday, 12 December 2007

More photos

This shot is from the same street as my previous post. If you look closely you can actually see the shop.

There were some questions about the shop so I'd better explain a little bit. Shops in Morocco are called "hanut". Most of the time the shop is so small you can't even go inside, it's often just a few square meters. The shop keeper sits on a chair inside, sometimes behind a counter, sometimes there isn't even room for a counter. There are things EVERYWHERE, stacked from floor to ceiling. In the same shop you can often buy bread, butter, cheese, detergent, bleach, umbrellas, cigarettes, lemonade, juice, flour, milk, egg, toilet paper, shampoo, candy, canned food, lighters, baby wipes and LOTS, LOTS more. They usually open around 10 AM, close by 1.30 PM and then open around 5.30 PM and close after 10 PM. Some shops don't close until 2 AM.

There are shops like this everywhere. The shop keeper knows everyone in the neighborhood so he sells whatever he knows the people want to buy. *lol* Some of them even change money (after all, we live close to the border), help you with paper work and are a helping hand in general. And if you don't have enough money oe day to pay for what you buy, no problem. You can pay another day. My life definitely would be a lot harder without our local shop, that's for sure.