Thursday, 22 November 2007

Useful gifts for Christmas

When I turned 30 my parents bought me a vacuum cleaner as a birthday gift. It's a very useful thing but honestly, maybe not the most appreciated gift on such a special day. If you turn 29 or 31, then it's a great thing, but not when you go from one decade to another. At least that's my point of view. Do you agree?

Actually, giving a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas is not a bad idea. There are so many vacuum cleaners on the market, it's almost impossible to choose. I've had a peek at the upright cleaners from Dyson and they look great! I've never tried one of those but I remember the family I stayed with while studying English in the UK had one. I like the idea of getting to vacuum the walls and ceiling. There's no chance I could do that with the vacuum cleaner I have now. :-(

A hand held cleaner would also be a nice gift. I wouldn't mind getting one.*lol* And it's the perfect thing for families with babies, because they need to be in a really clean environment. And all of you who have watched a kid eat a cookie know that there are many crumbs to be made out of one single cookie and making crumbs is so much fun when you're 2 years old.... *lol*