Sunday, 25 November 2007

The upstairs room

We've got our room back! My BIL came yesterday to take their stuff away so now the room is finally ours, ours, ours! It's been ours ever since we bought the apartment 7 years ago but somehow my BIL and his family moved in at the same time and have been here ever since. But not anymore. By next summer we're going to have a great summer room up there, a place where our guests can stay for as long as they want to (as long as it's not 7 years *lol*), so we can use the roof as a living space instead of a place to put things we no longer need.

This is a picture of the room in September, while we had to live up there as our apartment was covered in concrete dust:

A glimpse of the view from the room. You can see the beach and the Mediterranean Sea!

This is a picture of part of the roof, where we will be having our evening snacks from now on, watching the stars at night. It really is quite big, but since my BIL used it as their living room we never really had a chance to use it ourselves.

I will use the room to put away all the extra stuff that have been hanging around the stairs and the apartment ever since the makeover began. There's no use to fix the room now, since the windows are not real windows, just pieces of wood to give shade in summer. I will seal them so the rain can't get in. And then as soon as the rain stops I will start the makeover: new windows, new furniture, new decoration. It's going to be great!


Amy said...

Wow! I am jealous of your rooftop view! Can I come stay in your guest room? :)

Mayogi said...

Amy, just wait until I get the room fixed and you're very welcome to come and stay for a while. Honestly. I'd love to have you and your family here. Just as long as you don't stay for years. *lol*

Linda said...

I am so glad you finally got this sorted out! I know what a hassle it's been for you. Massor av kramar!!!