Sunday, 25 November 2007

Me - a hoarder?

I found this test on hoarding through A Cluttered Life and I thought it could be interesting. And well, I'm not that surprised by the results.

Hoarding Severity Scale Results:

  • Clutter score: 12
  • Difficulty Discarding score: 11
  • Acquiring score: 9

8–12: Moderate
In all likelihood, you have a significant hoarding-related problem. People who score in this range typically find their lives to be impacted by clutter, difficulty discarding or acquiring. You might benefit from working on the problem on your own with a manual such as Buried in Treasures. However, you could also consider working with a mental health professional who knows about the treatment of hoarding.

I definitely need to work more on getting rid of the clutter. But clutter itself really isn't my problem. I think my problem is that I don't get organized and I don't get a good organization system to put things away. I need boxes, containers and shelves to put the things in/on because just throwing it all into one of the closets won't solve the problem. I do have great closets (now I do), but I need to get myself to put things in there too. In an organized way.

Today I've been putting things in my fixed closet, so G:s room is almost okey. Just a few things left that I need to take to the living room and he has a room once again. I hope they will bring the desks next Friday, so he can get rid of his tiny table. I'll put the tables in the room upstairs.

Before I'm done today I'll need to take everything away from B:s bed as well. I had to use it as my closet since my closet fell apart, and now it's about time that he gets it back.*lol* That's what I'll do today. Baby steps...


Amy said...

I'm kind of scared to take that quiz- it will probably tell me that I am a big clutter-er. Then again, that won't be news to anyone who knows me. :)

Mayogi said...

*rotflao* Amy, do the quiz. It won't harm you. *lol* I think there are a lot of "clutter-er" around so you're not alone. I'm here. And I admit being a SHE with a cluttered home and mind. And I'm sick and tired of having things that way so 2008 is going to be my Clutter Away-year. *lol*

darcee said...

Ha Ha.

I need to take the test... but I am afraid I might break it.