Monday, 26 November 2007

More updates

Today I went back to Kitea to buy the desks for the boys. They will be delivered on Friday. The kids are really thrilled because having a desk instead of a tiny table is something "big kids" have. So all of a sudden they feel "big". *lol*

B is so happy with his new closet. Today I finished putting his clothes in there so at least his room is almost fixed. The desk on Friday and that's it. *phew* One room done.

I've made some progress in the bedroom too. Or maybe not. I've brought all the boxes with photos from G:s room, but they are standing all over the floor right now. I need shelves! Most of my clothes are back in my closet. It still looks very empty, probably because I've found better places for a lot of stuff that used to be in there.

It did not rain today but it's been really cold. I hope the sun will shine tomorrow and dry things a bit. The outer walls are really damp and unless they dry soon we're going to get humidity spots on the walls. I hate that! But what can you do? That's the way the houses are built here. :-( All I can do is to use the electric heaters every evening and leave the windows open as soon as the sun comes out. Hopefully I'll buy a gas heater next week and that will keep the house warm and dry.

Tomorrow I'm going to take out the curtains. I will have to ask my neighbor to give me my iron back, so I can iron them before I put them back. I really didn't need it so I thought she could keep it while we were occupied with the makeover. I hate ironing! Probably because I don't know how to do it and try to avoid it as much as I can. But I need to get the curtains back in place because they help a lot to keep the house warm.