Wednesday, 14 November 2007

It¨s getting cold

When I got up this morning we had 17 degrees celcius in the entrance. That's cold. Last winter the temperatures dropped to 12 degrees indoors in the mornings. I tell, getting up when it's only 12 degrees is not nice. *brrr* These past mornings have been really chilly so I think I'd better start preparing the winter clothes soon.

We have two electric heaters which we use quite a lot during winter. But electricity in Morocco is very, very expensive, so a lot of people hardly use their heaters. Instead they wear their jackets indoors. The funny thing about the climate here is that the sun is really warm, even during winter, so most of the time it's warmer outdoors than indoors.

This year I'm going to buy a gas heater on wheels, so I can take it from one room to another. I have always been really scared of gas heaters (what if it explodes?) but I've heard that as long as you take certain precautions they are just as safe as electic heaters. But they are really cheap to use (at least compared to electric heaters) and one gas heater could warm the whole flat, whereas you need at least an electric heater in each room to keep it warm and cozy.

The winters here are nothing compared to winter in Sweden. Actually, it doesn't get that cold in degrees but the hig levels of humidity (80 - 90 %) and the winds make you think it's a lot colder. So when it's 10 degrees here it's like 0 in Sweden. It doesn't snow here but it rains a lot in winter. Sometimes it rains for 5 days on end, day and night. That makes me envy the bears who spend the winters asleep, tucked up in a warm cave. I'm glad winter doesn't last that long, usually from december to april, and then the rest of the year it hardly rains at all.