Friday, 30 November 2007

It's Friday!

Thank God it's Friday! Or maybe not... I have 2 exams I have to finish before Sunday and I'm only halfway through so in a way I don't like it being Friday today.

I feel a little bit of stress. Especially since my youngest DS is home from school today. He has a bit of fever and tummy ache, so I decided he'd stay at home. People here usually send their kids to school, even when they are sick. They just give them medicine and off to school! I couldn't do that... I don't know, I think that's wrong. A sick child should be at home in bed with his/her mommy or somebody else who can take care of him/her. That's my opinion. What's yours? When do you send your kids to school/kindergarden? Is a little bit of temperature enough to let them stay at home? Red eyes, throwing up, tummy ache, pain in an ear...? Is it okey to give the kids medicine so they can go to school? G sleeps on the couch right now, he really must be sick! *lol* Usually he's up and about even when he has a very high temperature. I'm glad he's at home so I can keep an eye on him.

I work today. With a new group. It's the last group I can take this year, because I need to have some time for me and my studies as well as with my kids. I really love my job, teaching is so much fun! But they pay me very little, so I'm definitely not going to be rich. I don't care much about money but of course it would be nice to earn enough to be able to do something fun with the kids. Oh well, that's the downside of being a volunteer teacher. So far I haven't finished preparing the class so I'll have to do that in a little while.

I'll try to finish the living room today, for the challenge. I'm not sure I'm going to make it, because with G sick at home I don't think there will be such a lot of time to clean. :-( Anyway, I'll post the pictures in a few hours.

I still haven thought about what we're having for dinner. :-( I think we'll have mashed potatoes and sausages for lunch. What are you having for dinner tonight?