Thursday, 15 November 2007

Looking at Furniture from home

I don't really like Moroccan furniture because either it's "European style", and of very bad quality and in strange colors, or it's "Lebanese style" and then it's too decorated for my taste. I like simple things, like "country style" and furniture that is made to be used. My home is small, so I don't want pieces of furniture that would look their best in a palace. I just want plain and simple. Things for everyday use that will last for a long time. Things that look handmade even though they aren't. I'm not really that picky, I just want furniture that works in my home.

I'm looking for chairs for my kitchen. They have to have backs or my kids will fall off, and they need to be high. Bar stools is probably what I'm looking for, because they are high enough. And I've found some really nice ones too.

I enjoy going to big entertainment centers with furniture stores. Furniture From Home make furniture for families that won't go out of fashion in many years. I wish I had one of those stores close to where I live because then I would consider getting my furniture there. Browsing through the homepage I've found so many things I'd like to buy. Why can't I be rich? Then I would have it shipped here. *lol*

For my bedroom I would pick a storage bed, with lots of storage space under the bed. I like the idea of sleeping in a high place, I think it would make me feel like a queen in my very modest home. I've wanted a bed like this for years. It reminds me of the Quaker style, I think they used beds like this, didn't they?

Dining room furniture is the easiest to pick I think. I want a huge table so many people can sit down at the same time to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee.

Oh well, right now I'd be happy if I found desks for the kids and the chairs for the kitchen.


Moroccan Insider said...

I have to laugh!
My wife and I went to Lowes the other day and in 20 minutes we bought a refrigerator, a range and a microwave. After six years in Europe it was amazing how EASY it was to blow a bunch of money. The point is.. think of how much money not having your taste in furniture is going to save you! :)

In the meantime once you come back you are going to really miss the Moroccan furniture!

Mayogi said...

Hi Shawn!

Yeah, you're right. The only problem is that I'm staying here for at least another 10 years and I can't live without furniture for that long, can I? *lol* So I really have to buy things here ad it annoys me to have to spend a lot on furniture I don't even like. Moroccan furniture is very expensive. :-(