Friday, 16 November 2007

Fuengirola Zoological Park

During our stay in Fuengirola (Spain) we went to the local zoo one day. We had a lot of fun!
The zoo is very small but they have lots and lots of animals, like different sorts of crocodiles, tigers, monkeys I hadn't seen before, at least 50 different species of birds. The zoo is divided in two parts - Africa and Asia. There are lots of exotic animals I haven't seen in any zoo before.
Like these creatures. They are some sort of miniature deers or something and they never get any bigger than that. They are just about the size of a newborn baby. They live in Africa, under the trees in the woods.
I don't know what type of bird this is but I think it's beautiful.

We could only spend about 2½ hours at the zoo, because we had other plans, but actually I think we could have spent several hours there. My kids and I have decided that we'll go there next year as well.