Friday, 23 November 2007

A cozy feeling

Now that winter officially is here I would like to get more lamps. My house is really nice during summer, but when the winter comes it seems dark and dull. I would like new lighting because that would make my house look more like a HOME. You know that cozy feeling when you sit on the couch, all wrapped up in blankets, having a cup of tea, the lights are dim and you're reading a good book or watching a good show on TV. I want that too... And now that we're in the middle of a makeover it would be the perfect time. If I only could find what I'm looking for.

My living room really need new lamps. I only have a ceiling lamp and it isn't enough. I would like some forecast lighting because I think it's beautiful. I really like the wall fixed lamps, like the Java Collection. Or the Allure collection from Hinkley lighting. Unfortunately, they don't match my ceiling lamp. So I'm still looking for something that could go with our Moroccan lamps. And that seems to be a problem. Moroccans don't usually have wall fixed lamps so if I want that I think I'd have to start from scratch. No, not now... I think I'd better get my home back together first.

I guess I'll have to go for candles instead. I really love candles but with two boys in the house I seldom light candles, I'm too afraid something might happen. I wish I could find lights that look like candles, that would be the perfect solution. Especially if they use batteries, because every now and then there's a power cut and we have to take out the candles and the flashlights.