Sunday, 16 September 2007

Still a long way to go

My whole home is a mess and I hate it! This kitchen makeover is getting on my nerves because it's been 5 weeks now and there's still no end to this madness. When I get my kitchen back I also want to regain the rest of my home, because it's difficult to have a tidy house with lots of clutter and no organization.

This is what I have in mind for this coming week: tomorrow (Monday) - the electrician comes to finish his work and hopefully I'll have an oven and an extractor working in the kitchen. Tuesday - the plumber will put in the faucet, the water heater and the stove. Wednesday - I really need to go to Ceuta (Spain) to try to finish my paperwork for university. Thursday - I'll get some ladies to help me clean my kitchen, entrance and Gs room. Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday - Hopefully, I'll find a painter for one of those days to paint the kitchen, the entrance and Gs room. After that, I'll call the ladies again so they can help me getting rid of the paint spots on the floor, and help me clean the rest of the house. That will be a mayor clean up and a much needed one too.

I know I'm going to spend a lot of time this fall on my favorite organization sites, like FlyLady, Organising Queen, I'm an Organizing Junkie, Martha Stewart and Organized Home. Do you know of other cool sites? I'm getting desperate! This horrible makeover has been a mayor eyeopener to me and I know I need to get my home organized in order to find inner peace.

So, where do I start? Today I've been cleaning and regaining small spots of my home. I've managed to clear a spot for my son G to play with his Action Men. He gets really nervous when he can't play and unfortunately there has not been much room for playing these past weeks. The biggest problem is that if I put all his toys back in his room we'll have to take them all out again when the painter comes. His room has to be painted this year, due to the mayor fixes we've done in his room. Well, I guess a small spot is better than no spot at all.