Monday, 17 September 2007

Organizing the entrance

As soon as the painter has done his job in the entrance I can start decorating it. That is going to be so much fun! So far I haven’t really had a proper entrance so I’m really excited about the possibilities.

I want to have a backpack station where the boys can put their backpacks when they get home. I have just the right wall for that so a backpack station it will be. Have a look at this, I want something like this: I'man organization Junkie about backpack stations.

Then I want some sort of effective way to put shoes and boots. I’m tired of having shoes all over the entrance and having to look for the missing shoe in the mornings. I need ideas for this one so in case you know of something, just let me know, ok?

And during the cold and rainy season I need somewhere to put umbrellas, rain coats, gloves and stuff. How do I do that in a smart and not too expensive way?

Finally, all those tiny weenie items, like keys, cell phones and such. What do I do with them? I’ve been thinking about using soap holders. They are cheap, cute and perfect for containing small items. I think that will work.

The entrance from the dining room, the rest of the entrance is on the left on this photo.The new wall where the kitchen door used to be:
The door to the bathroom and the opposite wall of the entrance.


Super MOM said...

I JUST moved the deadline for the carnival if you still want in!

Amy said...

Hey- thanks for the award! :)

I have a big metal basket inside the front door-- it keeps our "shoe pile" contained. It's wide but not deep- something like you'd see inside a big freezer. It's not the most attractive thing in the world, but it's better than a pile of shoes on the floor.