Saturday, 15 September 2007

Lessons I've learned

When I lived in Sweden I studied Business Management in an evening school for several years. It was great fun and that's why I managed to go to class 2 nights a week, after work, no matter how tired I was. One day I will have my own company, I just have to find an idea that I truly believe in and go for it!

One thing I learned in class was the importance of inventory control. How are you going to have a successful business if you don't know how many items you have in stock or how much of a certain thing you need to buy/make? I think having a good inventory and stock control software is one of the basic things that you need in order to be successful. That's just about as important as having a great idea. Normally, when you start a business (especially a home business) you're on a budget and can't really afford losing things or buying more than you need, just because you don't know where you put it. In the end it all comes down to organization. With a common sense, organization and order, a great idea, inventory control and guts you can go a long way.