Saturday, 15 September 2007

Flies and frogs

We were having dinner in a restaurant the other night and there were a lot of flies everywhere. It was just one of those days. When the wind blows from a certain direction there are lots and lots of flies EVERYWHERE, don't ask me why. *lol* My son G (aged 8) asked "Why are there flies in the world?" and his brother B (aged 10) answered "To feed the frogs". G, the curious one, asked "And why are there frogs?". And B quickly responded "So the French won't have to be hungry!". Kids! *lol* Where do they get their ideas from? *lol* I guess he got it from watching the movie "Ratatuille" about a rat in France who wanted to become a chef. It's a cute film so in case you haven't seen it with your kids yet, do so. My kids love it and have seen it several times already (we bought the DVD). B even has a diary with Remy, the rat.