Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Last day of summer

My boys are going back to school tomorrow. Their back packs are packed and just like every year, weight way too much. On the first day of school the kids have to take everything they are going to need for the whole year (books, paper, pen, blocks, rulers, glue, scissors....) and that's a lot! I'm going with them to carry some of their heavier stuff, because I don't want their poor backs to break.

I told you in a previous post about our problems getting to/from school. Well, it seems like there is a solution. My best friend has agreed to take them to/from school every day, at least as long as Ramadan lasts and then she'll take them in the mornings. That's a great relief for me because I've worried a lot about this issue for weeks.

My kids are going to my best friend's house today to play with her kids. I'm glad our kids get along so well. My friend has a boy aged 11 and a girl aged almost 6. Her M goes to first grade, my G to 3rd grade, my B to 4th grade and her N to 6th grade (the last one, next year he's off to Secondary School). She's making lasagna and my kids can't wait to have that. One thing they really miss with not having a kitchen is home made food. We're all sick and tired of the food you can get around here, we want healthy, home cooked meals!

The work in the kitchen is still not finished... I'd say maybe, God willing, in another week or two... "Bob the builder" might start working on the floors today. I hope so, because then the house won't be so dirty anymore. he mixes concrete on the kitchen floor (!!!) so there's sand and concrete dust everywhere. With the tile floor in place I don't think he's going to mix any more concrete on my floor and might use a bucket instead. Well, I don't know..... All I know is that I'm so tired of not having a home and living like this. 3½ weeks already. Oh God, give me strength!