Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday Seven 3

I missed last week because I was too busy at work,but this week I'm back at being grateful for the week gone by.

Well, this week has been rather busy and I've been so tired due to all the work I've done these past weeks. So I've just tried to work as much as I could and get some rest, so I'll be fit for fight again next week.

This is my list this week:

  1. We have excellent health.
  2. I finished my Spanish class and my students were all very satisfied with my teaching. That was a boost for my self esteem.
  3. We went to mass today, in spite of all 3 of us being very tired.
  4. I've got several assignments for blogging ads this week,which takes me one step closer to going back to school. I need the money so I can pay the fee and buy the books.
  5. It rained a little today. Not enough to really get us wet, but at least the ground got a few drops of water and the air is not as full of sand as it usually is this time of year.
  6. I got a great book from Trish - "God's Garden of Grace" by Elizabeth George. I will start reading it next week.
  7. I feel alive and able to feel all kinds of feelings: hapiness, sorrow, love, longing, joy...
Life is such a gift!