Monday, 6 August 2007

A new blog

I'm about to start a new blog! Oh yes, I'm back at my living room table doing cards. Hooray! I haven't done any cards in AGES but lately I feel really inspired again and I've decided to taka advantage of that mood and try to get over my cardmaking block. Yesterday I made 8 cards. So, in order to keep my different roles apart a bit I will have this blog for my every day life and the new blog just for card making. I'm not ready to go "live" with that blog yet, but in the next couple of days I guess I will and I'll introduce it to you. So stay tuned if you're into cards and you'll be able to see what I've been up to. *lol*

Time to log out from the computer and get my scrap boxes out and just go wild! I LOVE feeling creative and right now I really do.

See you later - in case I'm not making cards all night. *lol*


Sandy Carlson said...

That's great you're starting a card blog. I'm very curious about what you create! I do origami, sometimes with the help of my daughter, and we incorporate our stuff into cards. It's nice to do that sort of thing for friends.

I see you have a Catholic moms badge on your site. I was thinking you might be interested in Embracing Motherhood, a Catholic mom's blog that's linked to mine that's done by a woman writer named Donna Cooper O'Boyle. She's a lovely woman with great stuff.

Nice to meet you through WW. I'll be back! God bless.

Mayogi said...

Sandy - Hi! Thanks for the comment! And thanks for telling me about Embracing Motherhood, I'm off to check it out right away! And then I'm off to pay you a visit. :-)

God bless!