Sunday, 26 August 2007

One week has gone by

And we're still alive.... Going through a total home make over is really, really tough! We just survived the first week and the worst is still to come. They haven't even started on the doors yet. I guess that will fill our home and lungs with more dust than we ever dreamed about so I hope we can spend as little time as possible at home.

Today we've had the day off. My husband and the boys went to the beach and then to one of the many hamams (public showers) while I stayed at home to clean the house. It was soooooo dirty! I'm glad I cleaned it but I think it's still dirty, in spite of cleaning the whole apartment twice.

These are the photos I took of the state of the house this morning:

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Jenn said...

We did a house renovation last summer on a "flip" house. I'm sure your home will look amazing when it is done!

Mayogi said...

Thanks a lot Jenn! I hope you're right. At least it can't look much worse than it does right now. *lol* I can't wait to get my kitchen back! It's been almost 2 weeks now, that's a long time. :-( I'm getting tired of eating out...