Thursday, 9 August 2007

My Church - on the inside

I LOVE my church! I think it's so beautiful, in spite of being such a small congregation. We're only about 20 regular churchgoers, including the brothers and sisters who live here. There are only 2 remaining Catholic churches in my province, which after all is quite ok considering the small number of churchgoers.

The brothers and sisters who live here are not allowed to any kind of missionary work, because that's against the law. Instead, they work for the poor and needed, like children with disabilities, teaching women to read and write, teach women how to sew so they can make a living and many other things in benefit for the society. I really, really do admire them, because they do a great job. At one time in my life I wanted to bea nun, but then things took a different turn. *lol*


Natalie said...

Ok, at our church there are 2 sets of bags - one for 1st grade and under and the other for 7 and up. The bags for little ones include: 3 to 4 colored pipe cleaners, 4 or 5 fat crayons in a plastic sandwich bag, a small stuffed animal, several sheets of paper for coloring on, and a small/short book.
The pocketed folder for the older kids has: several small sheets of paper for drawing on, a bag of 4 or 5 skinny crayons, a pencil, a thin book, and 2 8x11 pieces of paper folded with 4 bible-lesson-of-the-week activities printed on them, one for 6 and under and one for 7 and up.