Sunday, 12 August 2007

Comments are appreciated ;-)

One thing I really like about blogging is getting comments on my posts. That's what makes me keep on writing, because I know that someone out there actually reads what I write. So don't be such a stranger. Come on, write a comment, tell me about yourself, how long you've been reading here, if you're a blogger, how you found my blog or whatever! I feel a bit lonely here, talking to myself. *lol* Come on, talk to me. I won't bite you, I promise. *lol*


Karen C. said...

Hey there! I will de-lurk to say hello. I stumbled over here during the bloggy giveaways and have always been interested in places like Morocco, so I check in especially to see the pictures you take around town, and of your home. I love to see everyday life in foreign cultures.

I have a blog too! Its over here:

Amy said...

I know you from Moms of Grace. ;)

I totally agree, comments keep me motivated to keep writing. I installed a counter on my page a few months back, so I know people are reading, they're just not commenting!

Thanks for your kind words about my son's tubes. :)

Mayogi said...

Hello Karen and welcome to my blog! I'm glad you decided to "de-lurk"- Nice to meet you! Now I'm off to pay you a visite. :-)

Amy - hi there! I'm one of your fans. *lol* I visit you at least a week, I really like your blog. :-) I promise to try to comment more often at your blog if you do the same at mine. *lol* Is your son feeling better now?

Sofia said...

Jag läser också här då och då. ;) Och kommenterar på svenska vilket jag hoppas är okej? Orkar inte släpa fram mina engelskakunskaper för tillfället. *s*

jude8753 said...

Hi there, I saw your post at PPP forum and thought I would pay you a visit. I just signed up in the forum the other night and feel like an outsider there. Nice to meet you. I have only left one post there and that was this morning. I guess I will try to join in and see what happens. I have been earning extra money for a couple months there and that's cool. I am waiting for my blog to get a higher rank so I can take better opportunities. Well see you around and good luck...Jude