Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday Seven

I just found the meme, Sunday Seven and I just had to join. I think it's such a great way to sum up the week and prepare yourself for the coming week. You write 7 things you're grateful for or 7 things that have been of great value to you .

I think people of today tend to forget to be grateful for what they have. Life is spinning so fast and we just don't realize just how lucky we are to be alive, we only think about getting more and more things so our homes get cluttered and we get depressed. I know, I've been there... :-(

These are (some of) the things I'm grateful for this week:

  1. My son B turned 10 years today.
  2. I managed to give him a special day, in spite of being on a tight budget.
  3. My boys are not only brothers, they are best friends and always stick together.
  4. Our padre Jesús at church is almost blind but still manages to make going to mass one of the best moments of the week.
  5. The sermon this week was really beautiful and made me think a lot.
  6. My students love my class and make me feel like a great teacher.
  7. Yesterday a lady in a shop told me she was impressed with my Arabic, that I pronounce it like a native. *proud*


Carolyn said...

Great list. Love and memories don't have to cost alot of money. I'm sure B will remember the birthday day for years to come.

I'm fairly new to Sunday Seven as well. Welcome!

Mayogi said...

Thanks Carolyn! You're right, love and memories don't cost a lot. I was a little bit stressed about not being able to buy him any toys but in the end he didn't care because he felt really loved and we had a very fun day.

I'm off to pay you a visit!

elisheva said...

I agree. Sunday Seven is a great way to end and begin the week. I had gotten out of the habit for awhile but have now posted two in a row. Yay for me!