Monday, 23 July 2007

My home....

Well, no. Not really. This is one of the many palaces you can hire for your wedding party. We went to a party here last year and wow, is this place big or is it BIG?

This is the front porch. Wouldn't it be nice to sit here and read a good book? And yes, those are the doors. They are divided so if you're just a normal human being you open the smaller part of the door on either side, but if you're a giant or riding a horse or just want to show off you open the entire door. *lol*

This a shot of the back yard. With a swimming pool and a HUGE garden.... Unfortunately the water was really dirty - or maybe that was for the best, because I think my kids would have taken a bath if the water had been clean.

Actually I'm glad my home is a bit more modest. Can you imagine cleaning a place like this? You'd need a whole staff of cleaners.... Not my cup of tea. I prefer to have something smaller and be able to do the cleaning myself. Yes, I actually like to do my housework. EXCEPT ironing! I HATE to iron. I do own an iron but I think I've used it twice in about two years. *lol* My only problem with housework is that there are so many other things I want to/need to/ought to do (like blogging, reading, watching TV, scrapping, playing with my rubber stamps, meeting friends, having tea on the balcony....) so there really isn't any time to do my housework. And my house gets cluttered and totally out of control.

It's Monday today. Time for the weekly Homeblessing Hour. Are there any other FLY Babies around? I LOVE FLY Lady and her philosophy. It's the only thing that works for me. What about you?


dcrmom said...

That place looks amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog.