Friday, 27 July 2007

12 more hours

It's 9 AM here in Morocco and I'm havig breakfast. *lol* At 9 PM I will close the giveaway and start writing all the names down. And then I'll ask my kids tomorrow morning to draw a winner. The winner will be announced some time tomorrow and I'll also write an email to the lucky girl so she can decide which will be her second key ring.

So come on, there are still 12 hours to go. If you haven't participated yet, write a comment on ON LINE FRIENDSHIP and I'll enter your name tonight.


Karen C. said...

Oooh, I just realized that you wanted the comment to be about online friendship... and just so I don't get knocked out of the drawing, I will say this.... I did make some online friends when I was younger and did online chat, but I don't really do that anymore. Now that I have a blog, I hope I will get some more online friends with similar interests.

Hey, just to make your life easier... if you want to make your randon drawing easier, check out

Lots of the people doing giveaways are using that so as not to have to cup up lots of names with scissors and such!

Thanks for the giveaway! I am enjoying your blog and pics of Morocco!

Mayogi said...

Hi Karen!

Ok, your name will go into the hat. *lol* Thanks for the link, I think that is a GREAT idea. Somehow the idea of writing about 79 names didn't seem so appealing. *lol*