Friday, 22 June 2007

Summer vacation - at last!

Today my kids went to school for the last time this year. They were so happy! Both of them are having parties in their classrooms and had to bring something for the party. I hope they are having a good time because some of their class mates have to repeat this grade and a few of them will be expelled from school. The rules are fairly strict at their school, in order to make the kids learn better. I think that's okey but since there's no other Spanish school in this area I understand it's a disaster for the families who get their children expelled.

On Wednesday we're back to school to pick up the grades and the papers for next year. And then we're off to the bank to pay next year's fees. Oh, that will make my purse so light weighted because the school fee s really really to high, but then again, there is no other Spanish school in this area so we don't have much of a choice.

I'm not particularly worried about the grades. I have been talking to their teachers and I know they are good students so their grades will be more than ok. We're getting them an Eye Toy Camera and a new game for their PS2, as well as skateboards as a reward for the good grades.

So tomorrow when we wake up we don't have to rush to school. We're going to my work though, I have to finish my last class in HTML-programming. And after that, we're free for almost 2 weeks. Then summer school starts. The boys are taking a French class, 2 hours a day Monday to Friday. At the same time I'll be teaching Spanish on quite a low level. My boss wanted me to take 2 classes in the evening, Advanced Spanish and Computer Science, but I can't. I have no one who could baby sit my kids for 4 hours EVERY evening for 3½ weeks. And I would never ever leave them home alone, not even for one hour. So nope, I won't get rich this summer.... Anyway, having just one class will leave me with energy to enjoy myself with my kids. We'll be at work until noon every day, and then we'll head home to have some lunch, work a little in their summer books, take a nap and then in the evening we'll go to the beach or for a long walk along the seaside, meat friends and probably have dinner at one of the many restaurants along the "Corniche". Life is really good during summer! And my hubby comes to see us in August. That's definitely the best part of it all!