Monday, 25 June 2007

Mommy Talk 2

June 25: What was your favorite baby item that you could not live without?

I never had that many favorite baby items for my kids. B was 2½ months when he came home from the hospital. He was still a very sick little baby. While at the hospital he didn't want to be held at all. It took me several weeks to get him to accept being held in my arms. When he finally accepted that he had a total change of mind and didn't want to be anywhere accept in my arms! I even had to take him with me when I went to the bathroom! What saved my sanity was a Baby carrier. He even slept in it at night! He used to have respiratory failures at night so in the end we just figured out that the only way we would get a little sleep was for me to sleep half seated on the sofa with B in the baby carrier. That way he would breath better and I could sometimes sleep for a whole hour without having to check on his breathing.

When B got a little older he could stay in his baby sitter for a few minutes while I did the dishes or had a quick shower.

When G was born, B was still like a baby. So I had 2 babies at home and I had to carry them both. I used to put G in the Baby carrier and I tied a bed sheet to my back and carried B in that. I learned that from a neighbor who comes from Togo (west Africa).

Other than the baby carrier and the baby sitters I didn't have many favorite items. My boys just played together and they are still very, very close, almost like twins.


jesse said...

My oldest wasn't to big on the baby carrier but my little one was and sometimes that was the only way I could anything done.

Courtney said...

Was and still is the Ergo baby carrier. I couldn't live without it!