Thursday, 14 June 2007

Summer lunch

It's really hot here in Morocco now. The average temperature during the day is around 30 degrees C and maybe around 20 degrees at night. The boys still have another week of school so when we get back home they are hungry but not in the mood for a "real" heavy meal, so this is what we usually have for lunch during summer:

Lots and lots of fresh fruit, sandwiches with tuna, tomatoes, mayo and fresh cheese, rghaief (moroccan pancakes - I will give you the recipe one of these days, i promise!) and lots of juice and water. As you can see, we had cherries, melon and apples yesterday. *lol*


mamabright said...

this looks super yummy!!!

and can I just say...our nights have been the same temp as yours...but our days have been 10+ (F) degrees warmer than yours...

you have a cooler fair! ;-)

stay cool!

blessings, mamabright :-)

Mayogi said...

Hi there mamabright!

Ok, do you want me to send you some sand? *lol* We're still in June so temperatures will rise and rise and rise again. August is a HOT month so I'm glad we have the beach just around the corner.

Have a great evening! I'm off to a graduation party and we will write tomorrow. :-)

Take care!