Thursday, 7 June 2007

A load a day

That's what FLY Lady tells us to do: just one load a day but once you start it you have to finish it as well - all the way to it's proper place! Well, today I have not been obedient - I have washed 3 loads of laundry and most of it is still on the sofa waiting for me to fold it. Well, now I'm just too tired to fold and shine my sink. I just need my bed! So I'll leave the house work until tomorrow. I bet it won't go away... *lol* I KNOW I feel better in the morning if I find my sink sparkling and my home more or less clean, but UNFORTUNATELLYI just can't have it that way right now... Oh well, only 2 more weeks and we're on summer vacation!!!!


Darshan Baruah said...

you know at times this whole cleaning business @ times stinks.U know how I get my things done.I call my friends(fairer sex) for a few drinks...and they ususally feel pity fr my messy u know it gets done after a few drinks...evil me!!! But it works

Mayogi said...

Darshan - *lol* Ok, tell me, who should I call? I'd love to skip the laundry and have a few drinks instead. ;-) Especially right now, since I'm up to my neck in work and really in need for a free night. Oh well, life stinks sometimes.... Anyway, just 2 more weeks and it'll be the beach all day instead of preparing classes. :-D

Take care!

Darshan Baruah said...

hope have a great vacation. have u read Adventures of Tom Swayer by Mark Twain.There "Tom" manipulates all of his friends to whitewash his fence(a task givn to him by his aunt)in exchage of some goodies from them(like aples,toys,etc).So go ahead Lady,us ur head and make others slog it out for u.I aqm sure yu must be knowing lots of people!!!
Hope u have fun on vacation

Jenn said...

heehee... I am a FLYlady flunkie! I leave my clean laundry on the sofa too, thinking I will fold while watching TV, but it usually gets comfortable and sits for awhile. I try to shine my sink the next morning as I wait for my coffee to brew.

Summer on the beach sounds divine! Hang in there!

Mayogi said...

Darshan - Yes, I've read "The adventures of Tom Sawyer". A great novel!!! I haven't read it in a long, long time now so I guess reading it again wouldn't do me any harm. *lol* Maybe I could learn a way or two to make my friends/kids do my housework. *lol*

Jenn - *lol* The sofa is a great place for the laundry! I just wish it could fold itself and find its' way to the bedrooms by itself. *lol* Especially now, while I wash, fold and put away the winter clothes and take out, wash and fold the summer clothes. I have clothes EVERYWHERE! At this time of the year I always go through my kids clothes as well and give away everything that's too small for them. A lot of work but I don't like clutter!

Take care both of you!