Thursday, 31 May 2007

So much in love...

Looking back at my posts these past days I can see there is a lot of love here and there. *lol* No, I'm not going crazy. I guess it's just because I got YouTube back so I listen to Mikas "Love Today" all the time. Oh gosh, I really really like this guy!!!!

I just love his voice. It's so powerful. I wish I could sing like that..... Actually I used to sing in different choirs and I did pretty well, until I became a punk rocker and screamed at the top of my voice all the time and just destroyed my vocal chords.:-( I wish i could take up singing again, and maybe start a band.... Oh yes, sure. Probably when I'm a granny because my life is way to hectic at the moment. Granny and her wild kids - that could be a great band, don't you think? Like Tina Turner but without the high heels. *rotflao*


Darshan Baruah said...

Hey Mayogi
This is Darshan(we have never met!!)
While going randomely over the blogspace,came upon your page.Though I am pretty new to the whole concept of blogging,your pages were worth a read.
I can imagine how hectic your life might be.Thankfully I am not married and still trying to get a grip in my career.But yes,I really liked your concept of your to-be band "Granny and the wild boys".If you happen to come to India sometime,We will surely make a cool band(of course with your permissions).
Do visit my blog.Do post in some comments if you me I live a life full of uncertainities.Till then,Take care !!!!
My blog:

Mayogi said...

Hi Darshan! Nice to "meet" you. *lol* Ok, so now you're oficially a member of the band "Granny and the wild boys". ;-) I really, really wish I could go to India one day, that has always been one of my dreams. Take care!

Darshan Baruah said...

Hmmmm...thats really nice of you that you want to come to India.If you come then I am sure you and your kids can be my guest !!!
We will rock it.I mean " Granny and the Wild Boys"(hehehehe).
Do keep posting your comments on my blog.Take care