Sunday, 27 May 2007

Do you want candy?

The kids in Morocco eat candy, lots of candy. Most kids eat candy every day, several times a day.... Candy is usually cheap and is sold just about everywhere. Especially in front of schools, bus stops, taxi stops and other places where you usually find kids of all ages. In some places there are candy shops like the one on the photo, but most of the time it's just a man with an old stroller walking around in the streets or a table in the street.

Moroccans are not aware of the health problems that come with child obesity and there still isn´t a program for annual dentist check ups for the kids. I hope this will change in time because candy is okey, every once in a while, but not every day...


Yemi said...

This is always a big problem in countries where there is no preventive healthcare awareness.

Generally, the parents didn't grow up with candy but they think, by giving it to their kids, they are doing something good because it makes children happy.

Rebecca said...

To me it seems the other way around. My experience is that children in Morocco doesn´t eat sweets and candy as much as the children here in northern Europe.
Anyway, really nice blog;)