Monday, 12 May 2008

Welcome friends!

Since it's party time over at MommyFest I want to give you a short (??!!??) presentation of myself since I guess a few newcomers will pass by my place this week. Ok, so where do I start?

Well, Mayogi is not my real name, as you might have guessed. It's short for Mama Yogi, which by the way isn't my real name either. *lol* It's just a short description of two of the most important aspects of my life.

My biggest achievement in life is becoming a mother. I'm very proud of my two sons, B who's 10 (and a former ECMO Baby) and G who's 8. I also love doing yoga which is more of a lifestyle to me than just a series of routines. Unfortunately I'm a very busy mom so I don't do yoga every day (not every week either, actually), but I try to meditate as often as I can. Living a "green" life is also very important to me so I don't own a car, I don't have a dryer and I avoid meat as much as I can. My kids actually love veggies. *lol*

We're quite a mixed family. I'm half Spanish and half Finish, born and bred in Sweden. I speak Spanish, Swedish and English fluently and I also speak some French, Moroccan Arabic and Catalan. Since I'm a total nerd when it comes to languages I've also studied German, Finish, Classic Greek, Latin, Russian and Classic Arabic. I moved to Spain in 1988, then back to Sweden in 1993 but hated every minute of it. In 2005, I took my kids and moved to Morocco, my husband's country, leaving him behind in Sweden. It's just one of those things that happen. We're still in Morocco the kids and I, although we kind of live with one foot here and one foot in Spain. The kids go to a Spanish school and we only speak Spanish at home and we belong to a Spanish Catholic church. Unfortunately we don't meet the kids' Moroccan relatives very often so sometimes I get the feeling we're not living in Morocco at all, which is probably the reason why I'm still not fluent in Arabic. Anyway, Morocco is a very interesting place to live in and I'm happy I decided to move here.

The kids and I love animals and would probably end up living in a zoo if our house was bigger. *lol* Right now we have 3 hamsters (Chiquita, Mochi and Speedy Gonsalez) and a guinea pig (Gabi), who joined the family just last week. I'm looking for another guinea pig, since they are happier when they have someone to share the cage with, so the family is probably getting bigger very soon.

I work part time as a volunteer Spanish teacher at a cultural center and I'm a full time student at a Spanish online university. Being a single mom on top of that, well, my life is never boring. I'm trying to live the Fly Lady way but every now and then I fall off the wagon and have to start all over again. I don't have much free time for myself but when I do I like to do yoga, watch movies (I love Spanish films and I hate scary movies), read something that's not school or work related, meet my friends, go to a café, go for long walks along the beach (we have the Mediterranean Sea just around the corner from our house), scrapbook or make cards, listen to music and just REEELAAAX...

Before I had the kids I worked for several years as a preschool teacher and a Spanish - Swedish - English interpreter and I also have a degree in Computer Science (I'm a webmaster actually but I've never ever worked in that field). I went back to university this year so I still have at least 4 years of studies left. When I finish I hope to either work as a Spanish teacher (I love teaching!) or become a writer.

Ok, I think it's enough for now, right? I don't want you to fall asleep. *lol* In case you're curious about something, just ask a question and I'll try to answer.


Ana said...

Wow, what an interesting life! Nice to meet you Mayogi. What an unique diverse family background you have. Mine is much the same with me being Haitian (Haiti) and my husband being American. We have a 5 mos old son together. I have a 6 year old from a previous relationship to and arabic Israeli. So my family is quite confusing,but interesting and unique. I hope you will stop by and visit and i will be by again soon.

BDGoddess said...

Nice to meet you Mayogi. If you couldn't tell from my blog, (smile) I am Black American, from good ol' New Jersey. It must be wonderful to live in Morocco, Africa - at least it's a bit warmer than Sweden. And to have the Med. Sea around the corner? Wow!

Nice meeting you and thanks for stopping by!

Guendalina said...

Interesting Life! I too speak Spanish, even if I am Italian and live in Texas, US.
Come by and visit if you can!!! Very nice to meet you.

Gina said...

Wow... I'd love to visit Morocco some day. You speak so many languages, that's just great, I'd love to be able to do the same thing. I can understand Italian but not speak it. I learned Spanish in high school, and being Canadian learned French in Grade and High school, but I don't remember any of it lol

Hope your having a great blog party

Jenny said...

Wonderful blog you have here. I'm just stopping in from Mommyfest. I'm Jenny. Nice to meet you. :) I reside over at The So Called Me. I hope to see you over there sometime. I'd love to have you.

Happy Partying! <3

Suzie said...

What an interesting life you lead. These days I never go anywhere. Nice to meet. You thanks for having me at your party.

The Little Window Shoppe said...

It's nice to learn a little about you. I am just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi. Have a wonderful day.