Friday, 15 February 2008

Programming for others

BetSoftGaming is a little company that provides games to online casinos. I actually didn't know there was such a thing as betsoftgaming. If I've understood everything right, it's a special kind of games casinos can install on their servers and let people play on line. Once upon a time, when I studied computer science and programming I wanted to become a game programmer, but hey, then I woke up and realized that I'm first of all a mom and not a star programmer. *lol*

Anyway, I think it's interesting to see how companies are created and the niches they find to work in. I think we all have a lot to learn from looking at different kinds of companies. Even if you're planning on making something totally different with your company it's good to see what others have done with their in terms of website, contact with clients, products, etc. I will keep an eye on betsoftgaming, because I like the concept, even though online gaming is not going to be my field of work in the future.


Morocco Property said...

Nice post. You wana to be game programmer. I think it is little tough. Strong backgroup of maths, physics and many physical laws are required. I had tried to do this but found tough. Now I am web developer and enjoying.

morocco property said...

In future you will be 'mom'. Wish you good luck.