Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Scrap Links #3

Today I'm having a look at card making sites.

The first one is something I just ran across and I thought I had to share it's a template and instructions on how to make a great card for your girlfriend,sister, daughter or whoever likes shoes. You'll find the template and basic instructions on how to start making your own hand made cards.

Vickys Cardmaking Ideas -another great site for the newbie and not so new card maker. *lol*

Ever heard of Card Making Day? Well, neither did I. According to the World Card Making Day website this international holiday is celebrated: The first Saturday of each October, kicking off the holiday card-making season, the most popular time for creating and sharing handmade greetings. October still seems to be very far away so until then I'll just enjoy this site and all the card making ideas.

And finally, Card Making Inspiration, with loads of cards and instructions on how to make them.

I hope you'll enjoy the links and make lots of beautiful cards. *lol*


Amy said...

I really don't need any more excuses to spend time online, you know.. LOL! :) Thanks for sharing the links- I always enjoy card sites!

Mayogi said...

Amy -*lol* WHO needs to spend more time online? I certainly don't, at least not right now. ;-) But then again, we only live once so we should allow ourself a little time to play, don't you think? A crafting mom is a happy mom, *lol*