Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A training course

I have completed my first month as a payroll teacher. I feel really exhausted but also very, very happy. Finally I've found the job for me. Being a teacher is what I'm supposed to do, I'm sure of that now.

I have had several jobs before this one, I've worked as a nursery teacher (working with kids aged 1 to 6), a substitute teacher for grades 1 - 3 (kids aged 7 to 9), a waitress, an interpreter, translator and a cook, among other things. The one I liked the best was being a SAHM and in a way I miss "just being at home", but at the same time I know I need to work and have a social life. I don't really work for the money, because our center doesn't get any funds so the tuition fees goes to pay the bills in the first place and then there's a small part that goes to the teachers. I work because I was getting too isolated at home. I rarely left home, except for picking up my kids at school and I hardly ever had any adult conversations. That was getting on my nerves because I need to communicate with people, I really need to have a social life.

Next weekend I'm going to spend in class, but this time as a student. I'm going to a training course to become a better teacher. I'll have to ask my MIL if she can look after the kids because I can't bring them to class with me and I can't leave them alone. I hope she won't mind.

The teachers at the training course all work for the Instituto Cervantes, a Spanish world wide organization, with libraries and Spanish courses in several countries. In the US there are centers in Albuquerque, Chicago, Seattle and New York. This is going to be my third training course and I'm really looking forward to assisting because they are usually very good and aimed exactly at teachers like us. It's going to be so much fun!