Saturday, 24 November 2007

Update - the Organization Challenge

Well, the month of November is almost over and what has happened in my home? Not much that can be seen at first glance. But things are changing, one babystep at a time.

Yesterday was a day with a lot of work. The carpenter finally showed up to fix the bedroom closet. Let me tell you this, it's not pretty but I think it will last for a few more years. At least I have a closet again, after several weeks with the clothes all over the apartment. I can't wait to get everything back in place! And this time I'm going to get it all organized from the start. So yes, I'm still in. My start has been really slow (I had to wait for the carpenter) but I'll try to get everything in place by tomorrow night.

The delivery guys from Kitea came yesterday morning with B:s closet so he finally has his own. That's great because his clothes have been all over the place too, so I think the clothes crisis is about to end. Woohooo! It's about time!

Yesterday morning I took all the furniture and extra stuff that have been in the stairs for ages (ever since the makeover begun) and put it in the rooftop room. It was really crammed by the time I was done.

My brother in law finally came this morning to get his stuff. That was also about time since I've been waiting for him to show up since mid September. Oh well, it's done now and he has taken his stuff away. All of it. I hope. I haven't checked yet. As soon as the weather gets better (May or June) I will get that room fixed so we can use it whenever we want to/need to. But that's another story. *lol*


Ter said...

keep up the good work!

Mayogi said...

Thanks Ter! :-)