Sunday, 11 November 2007


This is how I spent part of our holiday: studying. My parents took care of the kids so I could study alone. That was really great and much needed. So far I've lost almost one month of studies so I'm very far behind, but I try not to let that get me down.

I feel proud of myself. Today I've read about 40 pages of Phonetics. It's not the easiest subject, so I think I did great. I hope I can finish the book tomorrow. Actually it's not the book I need to read for class. This one includes more or less the same things but it's shorter and the language is easier. I think it will be easier to read the other book once I've finished this one. I will try to catch up on Phonetics and Linguistics next week and then work really hard on Literature the following week. Actually I have 5 subjects this semester, but I've sort of given up on Literature Theory and so far I have only done 3 chapters of Latin. And time is flying... Guess what I'll do during Christmas break? *lol*