Friday, 2 November 2007

A mini holiday

The boys and I are going away on a mini holiday. My parents and other relatives are spending a few days in Málaga, Spain and they have invited us to join them for the weekend. We're leaving tomorrow morning, as early as possible, so we can spend some more time with them. It will take us all morning to get there: first we go by taxi to the border, cross the border on foot, take a taxi or bus to the ferry. Then we go by ferry to the mainland. From Algeciras we'll go by bus to the city where we are staying, called Fuengirola.

We're going to stay in a hotel and the kids are really excited about that. They have never stayed in a hotel before. At least not since they were babies so they don't remember anything from that experience. They have asked me lots of questions about the hotel and really look forward to the trip.

We'll be back on Monday so until then - have a great weekend and enjoy life as much as you can! I know I'll try to. :-) And I'll take lots of photos, so check back next week to get to know a little about the south of Spain.

BTW, don't forget to participate in the Safety Kit Challenge!


Amy said...

Sounds fun! I hope you had a wonderful time!

Mayogi said...

Thanks Amy!

We had a wonderful time!!! I'll write more about it tomorrow. And post some photos. :-)