Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Looking for a desk

Both my boys have tiny tables in their rooms but they have outgrown them a long time ago. They can't do their homework there anymore because there isn't enough space for their books. So now I'm looking for desks. So far I've been to two stores and in both it's actually cheaper to get the whole lot - bed, nightstand, closet, chest of drawers,desk... Well, actually getting just the desk is cheaper but in a few years time we will have to buy them new beds anyway and then the new beds might not color coordinate with the desk so maybe I'll get them the lot, once and for all. *lol*

Furniture is very expensive here in Morocco. Either you get a carpenter to make you the furniture or you buy it in a store. There are three main stores here in Tetuán: Golden Kit, Kitea and Mobilia. The store bought furniture is usually of really low quality and very expensive. The hand made furniture can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what kind of furniture you're making. The most negative point about hand made furniture is that it can take years before you get your furniture delivered...

B:s room is blue so when I saw this bedroom I fell in love with it. It would look so cute in his room. But I will probably have to look for something a bit less expensive or our economy will be crying for a long time head.