Thursday, 29 November 2007


I'm really, really busy right now. First of all, I have two exams (Latin and Phonetics) to do at home and send to the teachers before Sunday evening. I haven't even started yet.... And then there's a third exam I have to send to the teacher before December 15th. That one is really, really HUGE!

And then there's the Organization Challenge. I actually thought I would have finished the living room by now, but no... It's still a mess! In a few hours I'll post some photos so you can see for yourself. It is getting better, because I try to declutter a little every day, but the progress is so slow! I need to spend a little more time in there today, because it would be nice to end the month having a living room again.

I've finally found the winter clothes (everything got mixed up and kind of lost during the first weeks of the makeover and I had to throw everything into boxes and plastic bags and get it out of the way.) As soon as the sun gets a bit higher today I'll take part of it upstairs to the roof so it can get a bit of sun and lose that smell of having spent too much time inside a plastic bag. I hate that smell! But I cant't really wash it all over again so I hope a few hours outdoors will do the trick.