Friday, 23 November 2007

Craft gifts

Since I'm a crafter I'd love to get craft things under my Christmas tree. I've been looking around the net to see what I could write in my letter to Santa. Oh yes, grownups can make wish lists as well. That's not a privilege just for kids, is it? *lol*

I've found lots of great things at Mpire. They have a wide selection of retail and eBay auctions, so you can find the best prices for the things you're looking for. I found a Craft supply section with so many things I want that there had to be at least 10 Santas to bring me everything I want. Looking at those cute beads (I've recently got into making knotted necklaces, it's so much fun!), minibrads (oh, I'm drooling now), and paint to make window stickers. Oh, there are so many things! I can feel how I'm turning into Mrs. Shopaholic. Someone, please help me! I'm at lost here... Way too any things.... And the worst part is, they are all at affordable prices, so I couldn't even put the blame on not having money. Oh my, there's even a whole section with scrapbook supplies.... I'd better make a HUGE effort to get away from the computer for a while, until my head stops spinning or I'll reach for my credit card and go CRAAAAZY....