Thursday, 11 October 2007

Under my kitchen sink

I've had several questions about my kitchen, and especially about the cabinets under the sink. My kitchen is not a typical Moroccan kitchen because I'm not Moroccan and I wanted a kitchen that would suit ME and my life. But it is still more Moroccan than anything else.

Moroccan kitchens are usually very small and dark, because they are only used for preparing food. Not at all like the kitchens in Europe where you eat most of your meals and even attend your guests. You seldom see anyone eat in a kitchen in Morocco, because people usually eat in the living room. Very few people have dining rooms, because there's no need to. The living room table is usually low and round and the whole family gather around the table to eat from the same big plate. I like that and really enjoy eating this way (yes, I have learned to eat with my right hand, the Moroccan way) but in my home I want my kids to learn how to eat European style as well. So we eat our meals in the dining room although I plan to let them have their breakfast and snack in the kitchen when it's done.

The kitchen is ALMOST done! Just a few finishing touches and the furniture. The carpenter promised me I would get it before Eid and Eid starts this weekend so he'd better hurry up. If he hasn't been here by Wednesday I'll have to pay a visit to his shop and ask him what he's doing. He has been working on a 4 cabinets and a few doors for almost 6 weeks now. Shouldn't that be enough?... Anyway, I hope I can enjoy my finished kitchen next weekend.

This is what it looks like under my kitchen sink. It's not finished yet, the tiles are still missing. You might wonder why I want tiles in my cabinet. *lol* It's because it's so much easier to keep things clean when there are tiles and not just concrete walls. Cabinets here are usually made of brick and concrete and not wood like in Europe and America. Due to humidity and the risk of mould and bugs I prefer to have my cabinets with white tiles.