Friday, 12 October 2007

Keep in touch

I used to love writing letters. The real ones. Handwritten. I hardly ever do that anymore. To tell you the truth I hardly ever write in my own handwriting either. Using the computer is much quicker and easier to read. It's a pity really, because a handwritten letter is so much more personal and it means that you took the time to write to that special person. I really need to improve my handwriting because it's so ugly these days. I guess I've lost the habit of writing....

My kids prefer to use the webcam to keep in touch with their father and granny and grandpa. I don't use it much but I think it's a great way to keep in touch. Even small kids can use it because you don't even have to know how to type. Just talk and look into the camera. "Smile, you're on candid camera!" It's such a great invention. At least if you use it wisely and you keep an eye on your kids so you know who they are chatting with.