Thursday, 25 October 2007

Getting started

I often wish I could wake up one morning and have a great business idea. Having your own company seems to be so much fun. But on the other hand, it's also a lot more work than most people think. I'm reading a book in Swedish right now about how to get started. I've read it before, several times, but I always find something new every time. I really do admire those who dare to believe in their dreams and start their own business. I got back to school instead. *lol*

According to my book you need to do a lot of planning before you even start your business. And then you need to give yourself between 6 to 12 months before you even see any results from your business. In other words, don't count on quick success! If things go well you'll be working with your company for many, many years so you'd better like what you do.

If your company is some sort of on line shop you need a good shopping cart software to manage your shopping cart. Having a shopping cart really does help, at least if your company is getting bigger. But the wisest thing is to start small and then when you're getting some profit, use it to make your company even better. But the most important thing, in my humble opinion, is to treat all your clients with respect and try to make them happy. A happy client is the best publicity your company can get, because the mouth-to-mouth is better than any other buzz you can get.


Shawn said...

We started a business just over a year ago and it has been a HUGE amount of work! We are betting that we can do a great job taking care of both our customers AND our vendors, and that will result in a winning combination. Its been a big risk but as my wife is Moroccan and I am American (and we import Moroccan crafts into America) if we can continue to grow this business, our kids will be able to grow up in both countries :)

Love your blog, keep it up.. people will come!