Monday, 17 September 2007

The winner is....

... Patsy at The Go-Getters Daily Activities! Congrats! I'm heading over to your blog to let you know.

I used to pick the winning number. The number was 7, which is Patsy's post. Patsy, please send me an email so I can prepare your prize for shipping. I'm going to the post office tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll have it ready by then. If not, I'll mail it next week.

To all of you who participated - THANK YOU! It has been so much fun to host this giveaway and I'm already preparing the next one (check back on the second Monday of October). :-)


Sofia said...

Congratulations Patsy!! :D

Det var jättekul med en give-away, Nejma! :D Jag försöker att vara duktig och läsa din engelska blogg, men av någon anledning så kikar jag oftare in till den svenska... :D

Kramar, Sofia

Liza's Eyeview said...

hey..I'll participate next time (I missed this one)

i just added you to my sidebar links :)

Patsy said...


I am so happy Mayogi, you made my day!

Please let me know if you did not receive my email. (For some reason my emails get "lost in time" sometimes... arriving a bit to a few days after I send them.) Not sure why but they do.

Thanks again!!


(The world traveler via pictures and post cards...)

Mayogi said...

Patsy - I received your email. I'll post your prize next week,as soon as I get a chance to go to Ceuta.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Patsy!!