Sunday, 9 September 2007

Now I know what chaos is

Now I know what chaos is. I thought I knew, but no. That was not real chaos. Today I’ve experienced real CHAOS in my home. But hopefully that’s a good sign. Many things happen at the same time, and things are getting done.

Yesterday my husband got a call from his friend, the one with the window business. They were coming today so our "Bob, the builder" had to take the windows out. Well, he only had time to take away the window in B:s room, which actually was a good thing for us because we had to spend the night with a mayor hole in the wall. Again… Luckily enough it didn’t rain.

First thing this morning A and I cleared the bedroom. But what do you do with a wardrobe and a queen size bed? You can’t really fold them and carry them to another room, can you? So I guess I’ll be finding concrete on the mattress and on my clothes for several months ahead. *sobbing*

The window guys came around noon, carrying windows, blinds and lots of tools. The kids and I tried to watch TV in the small space that is left in our living room but no way José, we just couldn’t stand the noise. "Bob the Builder" hammering away in the kitchen and 3 guys running up and down the stairs and hammering in both bedrooms. We went out for pizza. That was a good choice, because we really needed to get away from the noise and dust for a little while.

When we came back, things had gotten worse. The guys from the counter top company had arrived. When we came up the stairs I caught a glimpse of the chaos in my home. Just imagine, by then there were 10 guys running around with things, working and hammering. That’s chaos, my friends. And I can imagine how dirty my house will be tonight… I don’t look forward to cleaning up the mess. And the worst part is, we’re going out with friends tonight…

Oh well, I guess the day has been good after all. With all windows in their places and the countertops in place I guess the house will look a little different. I hope "Bob the builder" has finished the walls, so he can continue with the floors tomorrow or on Monday (I don’t know if he’s going to work tomorrow or if he’ll take the day off).

The carpenter came the other day and promised me he’ll have the furniture ready by the end of October, so I hope I’ll have it by mid November. Yup, I know how things work here in Morocco. *lol*

So, what’s left? "Bob" has to do the kitchen floor and the wall in the entrance, the electrician and the plumber have to do their part and the painter has to fix the walls. If we’re lucky "Bob" will do the floor in 2 days and one day for the wall, the plumber and electrician will fix their things in one day and then the painter will need at least one day. If we’re very, very lucky it will all be over in another week. But knowing how things work here I guess it will be another 10 days or more before we can start cleaning and then at least 2 days of intense cleaning and washing before the house feels like a home again.

*** I wrote this on Saturday, while sitting in the room on the roof. ***


Amy said...

Oh no! That doesn't sound fun at all! I hope all the work is completed quickly so your life can return to normal.

And hey, your comment on my post about GNATS made me smile... I really did mean little tiny flying bugs, not rats... but you made me thankful I don't have to deal with rats instead!

Mayogi said...

Glad I made you smile. *lol* I guess I've had a OD of concrete dust lately. ;-)

Amy said...

LOL! You are cracking me up. But thanks for the vinegar tip-- I will try that today! :)