Thursday, 6 September 2007

Me - a teacher?

Officially I'm a SAHM and I really love being at home with my kids. But I also want a dream of mine to come true - I want to become a Spanish teacher and help people with other languages learn the language of Cervantes and other great Spanish writers. In order to achieve my dream I need: a) to go back to school for 5 years, b) get some teaching experience and c) earn money so I can pay for my studies. I want to go back to school now, while my kids are 8 and 10 years old. That way I'll hopefully finish my studies by the time they are 13 and 15 (or maybe a little later, if I find it to difficult to study 50 points a year and decide to take only 30 points a year). When they turn 18 they are most likely going to Spain to start their studies at a university and if I've finished my studies by then I can go too and become a working mom again.

a) is hopefully on it's way since I've been to Ceuta (a Spanish city on the north African coast) several times these the past weeks doing paperwork for the registration. I've still got several papers to do before I'm entitled to pay the registration fee. The registration fee is disgusting - about 822 USD for one year! And on top of that goes everything else: books, dictionaries, stationary and lots more. Can you imagine? I must be nuts for doing this out of my own free will!

I already have several years of teaching experience from when I used to work at nurseries and schools in Sweden. I've also been doing some volunteer teaching during spring and in October we open up the cultural center for another year. I suppose I'll have at least one group of students, maybe two. I don't get payed for working at the center, but I love it! I think it's my duty as a Christian to help people and share my knowledge with them. And teaching makes me feel good, so I don't really care about the money part.

c) is the tricky part. *lol* Especially since I enjoy working for free. But I'll try to find a few students who need private tutoring and that will give me a little money each month. And then there are my home made cards. I don't know, but I'm optimistic. I'm sure things will work out somehow, they usually do. I have faith in myself and in God and I believe there will be a solution for every problem.