Friday, 14 September 2007

Cold days ahead of us

One thing I miss about Sweden is the fall. It has always been one of my favorite times of year because to me, it’s like life starts all over: back to school, new clothes, new books, new hobbies… And fall in Sweden is really, really beautiful! I love walking in the fallen leaves, watching the colors of the leaves change day by day and finally fall off the branches.

Fall here is ok, but the colors stay more or less the same. You can't really say we have 4 seasons here, I'd say we only have 2 (summer and winter). It's getting chillier in the mornings and the kids have to wear jeans and sweaters to school. By noon it’s warm again and it’s almost like summer. September is still a warm month and October can be quite nice too. The rains usually start in November. When it rains, it pours down and it can be raining for a whole week without interruption. That makes washing clothes a bit difficult because when it rains the clothes won’t dry for several days and when they do they usually smell bad. I don’t know anyone here with a dryer (I don’t have one either) so as soon as the sun appears you can see women everywhere on their rooftops hanging clothes to dry.

Tetuán is the Moroccan city with most rain days a year so the climate here is very humid. The rain is cold and the temperatures indoors drop several degrees. We live in a little town next to Tetuán and since we have the beach on one side of the house and the river on the other our house is very cold in winter. Last year we had 12 degrees Celsius in the entrance! One funny thing about living in Morocco is that it’s actually colder indoors than outdoors during winter, so people put on an extra sweater when they get home and take it off when they go out. Yes, that’s life by the Mediterranean. *lol*